DECEMBER 7, 2023

Kris Warner Launches Campaign for Secretary of State, Pledging to Uphold West Virginia’s Legacy of Safe and Secure Elections


CHARLESTON, WVA,  – Today, in a commitment to preserving West Virginia’s tradition of safe and secure elections, Kris Warner officially announces his candidacy for the position of Secretary of State. With a strong foundation in public service, family values, and common sense, Warner aims to build on the state’s reputation as a leader in election integrity.


In contrast to the challenges faced by other states in recent elections, West Virginia has stood out for its commitment to fair and transparent voting processes. Warner emphasizes the state’s success in ensuring every vote counts and vows to continue this legacy.


“As Republicans, we embody the core values of duty, family, and common sense. West Virginia has long been a pioneer in public service, and it’s these qualities that have propelled us forward,” says Warner. “I am honored to announce my candidacy for Secretary of State, a decision made after months of consideration and with the unwavering support of my family.”


Highlighting his family’s deep commitment to military and public service, Warner acknowledges the exceptional work of his brother, Mac, in the same role. Mac Warner’s tenure saw significant achievements, including the cleanup of voter rolls and the prosecution of election fraud, laying the groundwork for Kris Warner’s promise to continue these efforts.


In addition to maintaining the state’s commitment to election integrity, Warner plans to modernize the Secretary of State’s office, making it more accessible for citizens and business owners alike. His experience as a Trump appointee leading the USDA in West Virginia and overseeing the Economic Development Authority during Governor Justice’s administration has equipped him to drive economic growth and facilitate business opportunities.


Warner recognizes the challenges of economic development in West Virginia but underscores the resilience of its people. “Our state’s economic future depends on the hardworking, fair, and honest people of West Virginia. As Secretary of State, I will advocate for their rights and ensure fair and honest elections.”


Expressing pride in being a life-long  Republican, the for WVGOP chair and Republican National Committeeman emphasizes the importance of preserving true conservative values. “We face challenges from within our party, with individuals who do not share our beliefs. It’s crucial to stop these RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) from diluting our values and infiltrating our party..”



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